Apple Pie-ku Recipe

This is for my Haiku Recipe Assignment.


“Apple Pie”

Sugar, flour, salt,
Cinnamon, apple, in crust,
Bake forty minutes.


I’m hungry. I stayed up late last night and finished off the blueberry muffins my wife made for me yesterday.  She’s a phenomenal baker, and loves to bake for the family.  My toddler loves apples: green apples, red apples, applesauce, cinnamon applesauce, berry applesauce, banana applesauce, apple butter, apple juice, cran-apple juice. You name it, and as long as there’s apple in it, it will disappear within seconds.  So, we have a lot of apple-containing products in the house.

She’s a wonderful mother, and knows we will appreciate it, so she makes apple pie quite often.  I’m more of a sucker for apple cobbler, but she likes the top crust to be breaded, so it’s really not a concession on my part (she’s the one making it, after all). The end result is always phenomenal.

I wish I had more syllables for this, but I guess speechlessness doesn’t have any, so I couldn’t write a haiku about my reaction to her apple pie.  The ingredients will have to do; synergy and whatnot.

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  • Sahar says:


    Pies are amazing but apple pies are incredible!

    I should cutdown in sweets though…But sometimes you cannot resist!
    Your wife sounds incredible and caring!

    Enjoy the class #ds106

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