Breaking the Fourth Wall

Brenda Levoy’s invoice for Noir We There Yet? Radio really made an impact on me by breaking the fourth wall.

An invoice, really Spencer? Yes. An invoice. Invoices are such important documents for accounting departments that it really shattered the reality barrier and brought a lot of life to her character. It implies “Yeah, you’re definitely going to pay me for that”. And money isn’t really discussed by many characters thus far in the semester, so it adds a lot of depth to Miss Isabelle “Red” McIntosh.

A business card design is kind of a typical creative assignment for designers, but an invoice, such a mundane document, typically designed with function taking precedence over form, really moved me.

Its simplicity, neat organization, and implied “Pay up” theme inspires me to rethink the value of typically mundane objects to see them as little pieces of art.

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