Bring on Spring Break!

Bring on Spring Break! This week was pretty tedious. I could feel the pressure of my decision to volunteer for writing the script for “Noir We There Yet?” throughout each day.

But, I started out my daily creates for the week with my Spaceship! excitement to keep me going. I had such a blast with that daily create! Then, coincidentally, I found Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! on clearance at Target, so I took it as a sign, and bought it 🙂

My next daily create was inspired by my love for Lord of the Rings. It was the second book series I had ever read, right after Animorphs, so it holds a special place in my heart–it gave me an enormously steep learning curve while learning to read, but was definitely worth it (I pretty much just thought of each character as a different letter in my head–not even trying to pronounce half the things so I keep going with the story). So I focused my Blue and Orange daily create on the One Ring and Mordor, since I was feeling a bit like I was on a perilous journey myself (writing the script).

My final daily create went right back to LEGOs–my fear of them breaking–all the time since there’s a little one that loves to play with Daddy’s “gegos”, since Duplos don’t seem to do the trick. So, I took it as another sign, and grabbed my LEGO dragon off of my shelf, and threw it on the ground.

The rest of my work for the week was focused on “Noir We There Yet?” which I covered in-depth in my Radio Show Week 2 post. I had to make a few last minute commercials to add some extra time to the show. So, here they are:

Then, the wonderful Emily Bostaph mixed the whole show together:


I’d sum up my opinion of it as thus: I’d rather turn in a solid 2 page paper for a 3 page requirement, than end up adding fluff that would detract from the work as a whole just to reach a time requirement. Plus, 4 seconds is like the length of a yawn, so press Start on your timer, yawn, then click play.

I rounded off the week with a flurry of commenting, taking that time to thank each of my group members for being so awesome, productive, and organized. It was truly a pleasure working with them.

Now, bring on Spring Break! “Winter break was already taken” is the only rational reason for a break at this time…

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