Burtice the Brawny Dwarf

This week, I overheard Burtice the brawny dwarf scaring the Dun-noir-gens and Dragons Radio group into a bar brawl. This is pretty much how I thought she looked as a result of the provided description:

Image taken from terminally-incoherent.com


Which led to:

And my nomination:

In case you want to check out the whole show:

I’d been looking forward to this show since I heard talk of it earlier in the semester, so I thought it would be a must-listen. I wasn’t disappointed. There was a bard, a rogue, a paladin, and a priest being role played by the group.  Which was nice because I’d been expecting just a handful of rogue characters, seeing as their role would fit in well with the noir theme.  Speaking of which, unfortunately noir itself didn’t really pop out as a theme, though DS106 did, so it was related to the course. It was a fun show to tune in for, but it was rather hard to follow along because of the variance in volume between the group members and the hard cut-outs for commercials and bumpers.  That isn’t really a complete negative though, because it had everyone talking on twitter and we all had to piece together or remind each other what exactly was happening or had happened. So, it was like the mystery aspect of noir, frankly. It was obvious the group had a lot of fun making the show and playing their campaign, and that really gave the show a hook–the laughter, dice rolls, calls and responses, and the inherent geek factor (I dig it. I’m not knocking you guys, I’m a geek, too). The show left me wanting more, though. So its effect was overall positive. I’m definitely going to be listening to the other shows the group produces to follow the merry band of noir friends to the end of their campaign. And of course, there was a first for a noir story:

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