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You need to watch this video.

For my final inspiration post requirement, I chose Lesya Melnychenko’s “The Dangers of Undiagnosed Schizophrenia”. First off, that’s a sweet name. But even better, she has a plethora of skills on display in the video she created for the Have A Conversation With Yourself assignment. The reasons this inspired me so much are the difference in characters, the wardrobe wardrobe selection, the hilarious source material, her great camera angles, and fantastic editing. (She even did a narrative voice overlay!)

The difference in characters was night and day. One, Sarah Mustard, is very blunt, while the other, Delia Lasalle is eccentric, so the contrast really works well for the assignment.

Her wardrobe and makeup really make her look like two different people–if she hadn’t explained it in her post, I would never have guessed they were played by the same person.

The source material is really funny. It’s about a supposed theft of a crate of bananas from Delia’s home, something she cannot live without. Particular comedic points are when Delia explains that her bananas have been gone for so long that they may be hungry and lonely, so she’s crazy; like the title “The Dangers of Undiagnosed Schizophrenia” implies. Almost immediately thereafter, Delia briefly attempts to sway Mustard into assisting her by being…suggestive; Lesya notes in her post that she’s “in love” with Sarah Mustard, so that dynamic is actually shown.

Through a cinematography lens, we see that she is very skilled with camera manipulation (or her boyfriend is, one of the two, at least). The camera work accentuates the dialogue by being situated on the receiving end of the quips, and her music choice is downright funny–it changes to an R&B while Delia is trying to flirt with Mustard.

I suggest you press play, if you haven’t already. This is a greatly inspiring piece of art that Lesya has created during the collaboration week. It’s very creative and well executed.


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  • Lesya Melnychenko says:

    Thank you so much! The cinematography kudos go 100% to Peter. I had a rough plan of how things should be shot, but a lot of the fancier tricks (namely the scene blend) were his idea. I just wanted to make something absurd!

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