Dude, This Week Was Great

I had an absolute blast this week.  I started off by reading and responding to the Vignelli Canon, which had a lot of great information about design that helped me throughout the week.  Vignelli Canon Joke

My first completed assignment was my Professor Groom Poster, wherein I turned him into Han Solo shooting first at Greedo in the Tatooine cantina, which was a fun assignment in its own right, even without the Star Wars.  It helped me get deep into GIMP for the first time. This was worth 4.5 points.

Groom Shot First

My second assignment was a Motivational Poster, worth 3 points. I chose to make my character, Donnie Rawlen a motivational poster focusing on the importance of grit. The main issue with this assignment was the gradient in the background, which I attempted to blend text into, but the border is still noticeable.

Donnie Motivation

My next assignment, for 3 additional points, was If Movie Posters Told The Truth. I based it on Tron:Legacy because I thought that movie was atrocious, despite Jeff Bridges. This time, I picked an image that didn’t have a gradient, so I could more easily manipulate the text and make it look natural. The result was an “It’s Our Turn To Ruin Your Childhood”.

To Ruin

I then posted a Business Card worth 2 points. I had a lot of fun with this assignment because I used my calligraphy pen and made the card by hand, even leaving it in my wallet for a while and adding some ink splotches for a worn effect. It turned out pretty well, I think, but maybe that’s the amount of time I spent on it talking.

Donnie's Card

For my design assignment, I chose the Cartoon You assignment and cartooned Donnie (aka Edward Robinson). It was very easy, so I thought I should only deserve 1 point, which would still bump me up to the 6 required character points, All I had to do was add an image to GIMP, go to effects, select cartoon, and adjust some sliders, so I felt I should at least include 2 cartooned images. Robinson Pipe Cartoon

Robinson Color Cartoon

I had a blast re-watching The Big Lebowski, and realized it really only gets better each time you watch it.  The Coen brothers are masters of cinematography. Also, I made a .gif for the first time ever and included it in that post, so I felt really good about my GIMP skills improving.

The design blitz took far less time than I thought it would take, so that turned out to be a nice little journey. I didn’t have to freeze, alone in downtown Fredericksburg, so that was a plus!

After I got home from taking pictures for the design blitz, I reviewed the copyright, fair use, and creative commons materials, and made a post discussing my interpretation of those sources with a a bit of my own stance on copyright thrown in.

Onto the daily creates! They were really fun this week! I got to play video games for class! and it was R-Type, one of my favorites! I chose fire manipulation as my super power earlier in the week, and rounded off the week’s daily creates with an edible chocolate covered strawberry and cheesecake earring. R-Type and my Superpower helped give a bit better picture of me as a person, while my edible earring kept with Valentine’s Day weekend. I summarized all three in a single post.

Fire Manipulation


Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cheesecake Earrings

Overall, this week gave me a lot of confidence in my GIMP abilities. I’ve never done a considerable amount of photo editing before, so it was nearly brand new to me, and a skill I’d very much like to improve upon in the future.



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