Filling the Void (with Music)

For my third and final daily create for the week, I wrote a poem, “Filling the Void”, attempting to describe the role of music, and How music changed my life assignment.

Music Poem


I really wanted to add a few of the mathematical aspects of music, but thought that sort of language would detract from the simplicity I was aiming for in this poem.

Being fairly musical myself, music has changed my life from both the creator and the audience perspective in many ways. From something as simple as how to sit in a chair to play a cello, to proper on-stage demeanor, to the appreciation of the multitude of cultures in the world, both past and present, music has taught me innumerable life lessons.

There is no “bad” music. Every little tune serves a purpose and transcribes events, trauma, and boredom into relatable bits of sound.


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