Found A Couple Gals

Found a couple gals this week. The founder’s gone bananas. Wonder what her story is. Seems like an interesting gal. She started up a web site for us.

Other dame, Del, seems she’ll fit right in. We both sent up our resumes to Delia. I used something called LinkedIn, even though I still feel a bit disconnected.

Bananas said she had some work for us. Said she was priming to get a new agency off its training wheels. “Stirrup Trouble“, she called it.

Didn’t have any leads for anything yet, except bananas. Those are always going missing, apparently.

I set up a contact form, in case anyone wanted to throw us some bones. Or leads. Or anything, for that matter.

Then I started up with fabricating a logo for the site, since imagery helps, from what I’ve found.

Then I moved on to warning the redhots that might be unfaithful.

I got around to setting up some sort of board on Pinterest in the name of Stirrup Trouble. Thought that could tip people toward our side.

Throughout the week, I made a few things for some things called Daily Creates.

Since it was the ever-helpful Maggie Black’s birthday.

Because Noddy needed to learn a lesson.

Those are really helping me figure out the digital landscape. I’d also looked at a few other notable characters’ work.

Things are going along swimmingly. As long as I’m not wearing concrete shoes, swimming seems perfectly fine, to me.



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