Give Them Something to Talk About

Art is movement. It makes the audience feel something, for better or worse. It’s about giving them something to talk about, to be inspired by, to make you overjoyed, or even furious. Invoking some sort of response is ultimately the basic goal of a creator.

That’s why comments are so important–they let the labored know they accomplished their goal.

This week, I commented on a broad range of works. From Kathy Onarheim’s Brett Favre Glitch Art, a little animated gif of former NFL quarterback being compromised by a virus, to Brenda Levoy’s mundanely effective Invoice for her character, Red. Lesya’s split personality video of her bananas-foster-loving Delia sobbing to Sarah Mustard about a stolen crate of bananas, to an archived Tiffany Yowell playing piano and singing beautifully.

Emily Bostaph may not be able to read completed the daily create about “things that make you laugh” to great effect, despite posting a video for “things that make you happy”.

Lauren Falkenstein wrote a nearly psychotically revengeful “Dear Diary” entry from prison-bound Shannon Mills’ perspective.

On another happy note, for the “happiest moment in the past week” daily create, Kayleigh Barbee drew a phenomenal portrait of her guinea pig, adorably named “Cocoa Puff”.

I had already submitted my four inspire posts, but I’ll most likely submit Janelle Pierangelino’s Heroic Traffic Cone at a later point, since it was thoroughly amusing and somehow made me think…a lot.

Donnie Rawlen’s world (hah, reminds me of Bobby’s World), one of Max’s assignments incorporated him as a movie star in a film that his John Braddock reviewed, so I had to tell him that he really did understand my intent for Donnie’s dark upbringings.

I’ll end on a high note with what I took to be inspired by UP, a Wedding Invitation and RSVP created by both Mia Boleis and Kelsey Roach.

This class is really starting to shine, especially now that more people have become acquainted with one another, so I think ice was effectively broken by the radio show project.


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