Groom(ing?) the Ewok

Groom EwokI was bored earlier in the week, so I decided to make some more GroomArt.  Being a Star Wars fan, I originally thought about making him into a Wookie, but seeing as he is already tall enough, I thought I’d shrink him down to cuddly teddy bear stature.

I started off with a picture of Wicket (the only named Ewok, might I add, and the star of one of my favorite childhood movies, The Ewok Adventure). And pulled out the greyscale picture of Groom I had from my Groom Shot First picture.

This was a bit trickier than I’d thought it would be, originally. I had a few concerns: somehow melding a greyscaled image into a color photograph, his glasses (try to find a picture of him without glasses), and somehow making his nose into an Ewok’s nose. I knew I’d need to adjust the hue and saturation at some point, but I had to worry about placement first.

The sources, of course, had different resolutions, so I had to shrink the image of Wicket down to be relatively the same size as Groom’s picture, losing some of the quality in the process. Then, I tried to rotate Groom’s head to somehow mesh with the face. It didn’t line up very well at all, so I decided to cut his face apart leaving empty holes for eyes, nose, and mouth in the process–that was weird. It reminded me of something straight out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. 

Worrying about the glasses first and foremost, I decided to use the selection tool inside of the rims, which was simple enough. Then, I put those on a separate layer that I’d use for each of the pieces I needed.  I spaced them out after rotating them a few degrees, then went back and got his mouth and positioned it over Wickets, having to do a bit of stretching in the process. Luckily, Groom is a bearded fellow, so his facial hair actually made the result a bit more seamless than I’d anticipated.  So, I had the eyes and mouth done.

Next, I started working with the trickiest part of the image–the nose. I had to enlarge it and use the perspective tool quite a bit to manipulate its shape into a more teddy bear guerrilla look. The grid I was working with was past the borders of the image itself, so I was getting worried about if I was even using the right method for accomplishing what I needed to.  After a few minutes, though, it started looking more and more pug-ish. I then used the Blur and Smudge tools to do a bit of blending, pulling the surrounding Wicket portions over the Groom portions to make them look a bit more inset.

Onto the coloring. Tried a few techniques, originally trying the color picker and fill tools–that looked absolutely terrible. Never again. I’ll only use that tool for cartoon and pixel images in the future. It’s not suited for realism. Then I tried out the Levels, Threshold, and Brightness/Contrast under the Color tab, but it didn’t quite look right. The Color Balance tool is what I settled on to get a bit more of a brownish tone, then went back to the Brightness/Contrast tool to get it looking a bit better. The result is what you see above.

This was actually a lot of fun. My “Groom Shot First” image was essentially a sepia picture, so I hadn’t needed to adjust color levels much for that, though it did make me aware of many of the tools I used for this piece. Speaking of pieces, I hadn’t had to actually cannibalize an image before, so that was new to me. I learned quite a bit doing this fun little boredom-curer.

Then Talky Tina pointed out the hilarity of Groom being an Ewok:

I couldn’t help but chuckle about the name pun. Talky Tina is awesome. She followed even followed up my post with a noircat Wicket:

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  • Jim Groom says:

    This is awesome, and I am Talky Tina is really on her game. The riffing is at the heart of #ds106, and she has been en fuergo.

    Awesome photoshopping, and I love your subject 🙂

  • Kim Roehl says:

    I love how much effort you put into this Groom art! You definitely went above and beyond with the image editing! Also, its great how you added Talky Tina’s art into your writeup. Jim Groom art is definitely my favorite assignment, so this was just perfect!

  • Lesya Melnychenko says:

    So the fact that this wasn’t even a required assignment blows me away- you put so much work into Groomwok and it looks amazing! Your writeup was very detailed and made it even more impressive that you did this just because you were bored. Fantastic work, I love it!

  • It’s easy to tell that you put a lot of work into making the Groom picture match up with the ewok! The detailed write-up and explanation behind the work was also interesting to read about. It looks awesome!

    • Spencer says:

      Thank you! It did take a bit of time, and I’m glad you appreciated the write up. I try to make them as detailed as possible so that others can possibly learn a few tricks, as well as so I can track my personal development.

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