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So, this week was actually quite a bit of fun up until this Sunday night. I finished all of my work by 10:30 this evening. But that’s where trouble started. First, it was my 30 MB YouTube upload for my video essay that took an absolutely ridiculous amount of time to upload, then my videoessay post went awry three separate times. So, I deleted it. I’ll rewrite it for the 4th time in the morning to get it done. Here’s the video,

Apart from that fiasco, I had fun, like I said.

I started off the week by listening to “Inside Talking”, a DS106 radio show. That was quite enjoyable. The inclusion of a bit of the show’s own noir mystery was really the cap stone of the production.

The next task a set my sights on was a rainy day poem. I dubbed mine “You Don’t Have to Go Away“.

By far the hardest project I have undertaken thus far in this course was my LEGO stop motion video, “The Last Bit Lost“, which I decided fit well enough into the 30-second Documentary assignment It’s about how quaint Donnie Rawlen’s life was before his family was tragically killed in a train accident and his receiving the telegram notifying him of their deaths. It was worth 4.5 points.

Then I did a bit more in-depth video editing, sort of. I made a silent movie out of the upcoming “Pixels” movie trailer by finding royalty free piano ragtime, and inserting dialogue cue cards. This was my attempt at completing the Return to the Silent Era assignment, worth 4.5 points. So, my assignment requirement was done, though I encountered many setbacks while writing my silent movie post itself.

Once I finished with that, I did a follow-up daily create assignment, which was simply recording myself reading “You Don’t Have to Go Away”.

I don’t know why it took me all week to finally write my “Noir We There Yet?” radio reflection, but nonetheless, it was completed as well. I specifically noted that the inclusion of more sound effects, like busy street sounds and soft background music, could have added a bit more depth to the production.

This week was the first time I’d done any real video editing in my life. So it was definitely a learning experience. Now, I know not to use Windows Movie Maker, though I did use it to complete my assignments this week. It seems much more suited to a business environment, and was probably created for use in incorporating video segments into PowerPoint, rather than creative works.

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