Helping the House

I was minding my own business doing some DS106 work on campus on Friday afternoon in the ITCC, when Janaye and Mariam caught my attention and asked if I would be willing to help their group, House of Noir. I happily obliged. Then, they said I could get a few points of extra credit! Hooray! They let me know my assistance wasn’t immediately required, and they would come get me when they needed to film my portion.

A few minutes later, they dropped by again, so I followed them into the green screen room. There was Janelle! I’d made Donnie a bit bitter toward him for a few assignments, so I took the time to apologize for that–I only meant for that relationship to stay in the Noir106 realm–and hoped she understood that. Luckily, she did!

Then I looked up at the gigantic screen on the wall, and noticed a script. I asked about what role I was playing. Ironically, it turned out I would be playing the role of Spence. So, that was a bit funny.

I won’t go into more detail about the recording process. It is the House’s project, so I don’t want to reveal anything more.

After I was done, I informed Mrs. Burtis that I felt that my work was worth 2.5 points. So, I am adding those 2.5 points to my weekly total.

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