I Guessed I Was A Guest

For my final assignment of the week, I tried something a bit new.  Seeing as this is a “digital storytelling” class, I decided to write a little story with the caveat being it had to contain a plethora of homophones. The assignment was only worth one star, but I’d already completed nine, so this would round me off for the week.

My process consisted of opening up Notepad, searching for a list of homophones (I ended up using the list at the bottom of this page), and creating a little short story. Micro story may be a better name.

I Guessed I Was A Guest

I had a lot of fun writing this up! Although, my Notepad was a garbled mess when I was creating it. I kept having to re-format it and was rather undecided about whether or not I would make it more of a poem with some rhyming. So, if you hear a bit of rhythm in my voice, that’s that idea shining through.  I really wanted to use the feint/faint pairing, because I think they play off of one another pretty well.


I covered the Tank Engine with thin blankets and hung out in my cave while trying to complete an assignment or two.


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