“I Lived” and Requiem for a Dream

One Republic’s “I Lived” and Requiem for a Dream usually wouldn’t be associated with each other. Though, the brilliant Miss Stephanie Henderson found a way to relate them to one another, with a phenomenal result. Her dramatic reading of “I Lived” layered over the Kronos Quartet’s “Requiem for a Dream” is incredibly powerful, and really inspires me to step my source material game up a notch.

Not only does the orchestral accompaniment add significant depth to her assignment aurally, it really adds a layer I haven’t yet seen in any other assignments in DS106 thus far by juxtaposing the premise of a movie with song lyrics from completely unrelated genres. Requiem for a Dream, in case you haven’t seen it, is about drug addiction (specifically heroin and amphetamines) so the title of “I Lived” directly contradicts the premise in a satirical manner.

Henderson’s own thoughts include how the lyrics are so inspirational, much like a rallying speech, so the orchestral “Requiem for a Dream” definitely sets and maintains that tone throughout.

You definitely need to listen to it, in case you haven’t already.


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