Inside [Job] Talking

This week, I listened to Inside Job, I mean Inside Talking.  It was in the format of a typical talk show, and seemed, overall, like:

I tuned in a bit late, missing the first few minutes of the show for personal reasons, but also,

Inside Talking was hosted by the one and only Lena Meyers!

On the topic of egos, there was enough to go around. Johnny Corner Pocket, a professional billiards player, seemed more than confident in his abilities. When asked what was next for him, he responded “Vegas, baby!”, which added a bit of depth to his character, since the National Championships are held in Las Vegas and Las Vegas billiards tournaments are regularly televised.

Next up, there was a “professional photographer” whose favorite and primary service for his posting his photography was Instagram. That really hit the mark, for me.

There is a large amount of discourse in the professional photography world that Instagram is destroying the value of professional photographer’s work, so that’s why I found it to be such tongue-in-cheek humor. Then the illustrious Jota made an appearance. Starting off strong: 

And then continuing in the same fashion. He was promised a date, and decided he’d go for the gold, proposing to Lena. It struck a chord with me, since my wife loves Frozen so much, I’m often subjected to it playing in the background (Full disclosure: It’s not torture, it’s a pretty cute movie [Happy wife, happy life]). So, I had to include the reference (I’m sure one of the women in the group was responsible for including it…)

Everyone thought the show was over, until a call to Lenny’s Hit Service (1-800-KILL-EM) caught everyone’s attention. A hit was placed on Jota himself!

I had to draw some sort of conclusion, so I surmised:

I won’t forget to mention the commercials! I particularly enjoyed the hat commercial, since I made a hat commercial, But there was also a commercial for

which ended with a lewd outro, summarizing it as


It was very enjoyable. The audio levels were on point, the conversations seemed fluid, the commercials were relevant to noir, and they even incorporated a bit of their own noir mystery into the mix. I’m glad I tuned in.

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  • Really love the way you document by using your twitter posts and linking to other sources. As an educator and a professional learning facilitator, it really is great for me to see that one can articulate their learning and provide evidence AND it really isn’t overwhelming or difficult to do. You get it! And provide a great model for others. Thanks for validating I am not crazy or unreasonable for having asked others to do this in the past or in the future.

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