My name is Spencer Scott and I’m a transfer student here at UMW.  I enrolled in DS106 mainly because of a growing intrigue in live streaming technologies, and an appreciation for independent movie camera work.  Recent Hollywood movies not unlike Cloverfield and Super 8 may have contributed as well.  Being a computer science major, I was weary of taking a full-on art class, with the assumption there would be less focus on the technological side of the process.  DS106 seems to be exactly what I was looking for!

My interests include computer programming, snowboarding, cooking (not baking, get those cake pans away from me), abstract and surreal art, jam bands and electronic music, although I don’t care much for the electronic music scene.  It’s much more enjoyable to go see live music being performed on instruments, where improvisation is much more free-flowing, but I have been to a few electronic music shows like this one:

I’m also a husband and a father.  I would be remiss not to mention my 2-year-old son’s love for books and my reading them to him as another reason for my interest in storytelling.  It’s not often you find a well-written children’s book, so I’ll admit I’ve become a bit of children’s book critic.  It’s easy to rhyme.  It’s not so easy to rhyme in a coherent plot line without introducing extraneous topics for a children’s story.  I’m really excited for this class, the work seems very interesting and, quite honestly, a lot of fun, especially considering the amount of feedback on the ds106 website.

If you happen to see me around campus, I really wouldn’t mind talking about ds106, so feel free to stop me to chat!

Introduction picture

Let’s get to craftin’!

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