Investigation Isn’t My Strong Suit

There’s much to be said about the passion of investigators. However, I am not one of those such people.

We were tasked to pubic investigate the mysterious Jack persona. I was not eager.

I haven’t found much, I’ll admit.

I found a few morsels, but those did not help our case in any meaningful way. We were to discover Jack, and possibly his motives. I’m waiting.

I won’t reveal my suspicions, but I will reveal my intent. Though Jack’s presence has been acknowledged, his own intent has not. This is most troubling. If his motive is not known, and his known actions are only “to meet”, then he doesn’t pose much of a threat. Still, though:






There is much more to be found. Jack is out there.


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  • It seems you are onto something with your search for Jack. It is wise of you not to post any suspicions you have against him. Definitely keep everyone posted on your investigation. I also liked how you included your thoughts written as Tweets. Take care.

    -Sebastian Crane.

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