Let’s Talk About Sharing Credit

Considering this week is all about collaborative work, I wanted to introduce the idea of sharing credit to DS106. We’re a community of creators, so why not make an assignment to demonstrate that?

I was hanging out in the ITCC doing my work, like normal, when who stumbled by but the one and only Emily Bostaph. We worked together already for our radio show, so were already acquainted. We started talking about the requirements for the week, and decided that a little epistolary-esque assignment would suit this week well. My character, Donnie Rawlen is a writer, and Emily’s character, Cecilia Alva is a recently widowed affluent woman. What follows is the result of our characters interacting via e-mail, using our already established personas and backstories, as well as our required fake e-mail addresses:

Story1 Story2 Story3 Story4

I made this assignment worth 4 stars because it’s not just a 15-minute quickie. ¬†And we had a lot of fun doing it, so I’d encourage others to try it out.

We had a pretty easy format we wanted to follow, which we pretty much threw out the window–originally, we planned to keep our responses to one another short. It was fun writing, really. It just took a bit of time for scheduling reasons. Writing a letter within a letter combined with the internal monologue seemed really effective in communicating the intentions we had for continuing our story as a whole.

There’s really not much process here, unfortunately, but it’s all laid out in the emails, so I don’t think further explanation is necessary. We took our time responding to one another, crafting our characters’ demeanor and motives concurrently.


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