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Call Donnie. Donnie's Card

I made this business card out of Bristol Board measured to Vignelli’s specifications, A8 card size of 52 x 74mm.  I used a calligraphy pen for the simple design of his “handwritten” signature accompanied by an ink well and calligraphy pen.

I’ve had my calligraphy pen sitting around for a long while, up on the shelf over my desk, but never really messed around with it much since opening it and doodling a little bit in a sketch pad. Now, my desk calendar has turned into a gigantic doodling board, and I can’t stop drawing.

I wrote a phone number in the top left corner with the San Francisco area code.  I wrote a real phone number and then went back over it with my pen to obscure it a bit and make it look more like the card had just been wet. I used an eraser on all of my writing, next, to try to give it some wear, as well.

The ink splotch in the center is intentional. I tried to get a thumbprint sized mark near the center to make it look like Donnie had attempted to hand it out already. Then I drew on my fingers with ink and rubbed them around the card, and decided I should add a little border, so I did that with a straight edge.

I had a bit of fun with this assignment, and feel like the once-white-space-now-a-splotch in the center really ties the room together…


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  • Paul says:

    Nice work. I like the thinking-outside-the-computer approach, and tying Vignelli into it. The splotch gives it a vintage feel that really does tie it together.

    • Spencer says:

      Thanks. Although I love computers, there are still some stylistic things I can’t accomplish quite as well with software. And, the physicality makes me feel more ownership of my work.

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