Noir We There Yet? …Almost…

I, like many of the other students in DS106, was rather apprehensive about the prospect of a group project, but Noir We There Yet? is progressing very well. My group joined together on Monday and we decided to “meet” on Tuesday night on a Google Doc. While there, we discussed, among many other things, the direction of our project. Ultimately, we decided on a news/commentary talk show with a few other ideas thrown around. After we had that settled, we decided to come up with a name for our group, which is when we decided on “Noir We There Yet?” and kept that as the name of our show to keep things simple.

After that, we started delegating tasks for the week, using the project requirements as our base. So, I’ll lead in to my individual requirements for the week for a moment. I’m responsible for a basic script, which will most likely change as time progresses. I’m looking forward to the feedback I receive from my compatriots, good or bad, so we get get the kinks worked out.

On my own time, I spent a bit of time formatting our Google Doc and made a little table to illustrate a basic timeline of the show, which I thought would be really useful for our individual responsibilities. Having all of that in one place helps me, at least, stay on track, so I hope will it will help the others, as well. ¬†I made a few separate pages for various purposes to help aggregate similar content, too. The group seems to be filled with organized people, so that’s great news.

In respect to group commentary, I’m so glad I’m in this group. We have a rather¬†diverse dynamic among the five of us, some with out-of-the-classroom relationships, which makes for interesting roles. I know at least three of us aren’t traditional students, and I think a fourth is, as well, so it’s nice being with similar minded people in that regard. We seem to get along really well, both personally and professionally, which bodes well for our show’s end result.

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