“Noir We There Yet?” “Yes! We’re Finally Here!”

It was odd listening to the “Noir We There Yet?” broadcast. There were a number of people listening in, but that’s where my memory starts to get foggy. I personally noticed something about it that I hadn’t previously: I included Bozzo’s name where it should have been DeMartino during the traffic accident report.

As far as specific comments about it, I can only remember someone pointing out that there must only be one news story in the town, which really hit home for me, since I wrote the script. It was a very good point to make, since I’d included NWTY radio had “backlogged a few stories”. It stuck to me and made me start to wonder how I could have written the script differently.

If I could go back and change it, I would probably add in an extra, short and unrelated, headline after each commercial break to chop up the pace and rectify the story diversity problem. Not many other significant changes immediately come to mind–we had broken up the dialogue between our five members, and each accomplished our own individual tasks in a timely manner, so the teamwork aspect was there. Some quiet, repeating, basic jingle could have improved the overall quality of production. Continuing with audio additions, some traffic noise or even wind would have helped to distinguish the “on scene” reports from the “newsroom” segments. Also, some sort of “breaking news” audio clip would have been helpful. Other than those additions, which would have greatly improved the show as a whole, I think “Noir We There Yet?” did a great job. There were definitely some higher quality radio shows, but I think we hit our own expectations, so I can’t be disappointed.

I will note that I wish this reflection was required during the week of our radio show airing, so I could have a bit better recollection of the other comments about the show.  It was aired the first night of radio shows, so my terrible memory isn’t contributing much to this final radio show reflection, unfortunately.

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