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After completing my Poetry Art Assignment, I decided to peruse through the rest of the visual assignments. One assignment, “Shiny Like Silk”, really stood out to me.

Ever since I got my first computer at age 10, I have always had either a cosmic or abstract style desktop wallpaper. I have a huge folder on my computer dedicated to and filled with both styles of art, ranging from Hubble Space Telescope images to abstract fantasy art.

With a graphic designer as a mother, mostly realistic depictions which we had around the house while I was growing up, so I guess I searched a bit as a child to find my own art niche to enjoy. She had her oil and chalk, while I had my computer search engines (AskJeeves and Lycos…anybody?). I never really attempted to make my own art–I wanted to rush to the end and see the finished product too quickly, I realize now. My creative drawing skills are essentially non-existent as a result; I favored neatly organized technical drawing. So “Shiny Like Silk” helped to blend the two together for me!

Silk Abstract

I played around for about 5 minutes on the software prior to making this image.  I learned that over-saturation of colors would just look like a big white blob, so I kept that in mind while making this.  I started with orange, my favorite color, and went around the color wheel, changing at least one of the settings with every color switch.  The three settings were the number of rotational symmetry folds, whether or not the drawing would be mirrored across the center, and whether or not the “silk” would move toward the center, or toward the outer edges of the frame.

Keeping with my note on technical drawing, I used simple midpoints as starting locations, and drew toward intersecting strands.  I felt like I was drawing with smoke, which was a really cool to get my head around, since it usually dissipates so quickly in the real world.  I really didn’t focus at all on the center of the image while creating it, but was mindful of the saturation, making sure it hadn’t reached as bright a white as I had seen while getting the feel of the program in the first 5 minutes.

Overall, I’m really happy with how this turned out.  I’m actually using it as my wallpaper now.

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