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For my second character assignment for the week, I chose Post-It Notes.  The thinner font, Lucida Handwriting, is Donnie’s wife’s handwriting.  The bolder font, Brush Sript M7, is Donnie’s.  The picture of the car was drawn by their son, Bobby. I chose to incorporate the style of notes that are on my refrigerator at home: drawings, snarky comments to each other, pieces of grocery lists (leaving a note per needed item so no one has to rewrite any lists due to space constraints).

I actually made the majority of this in Microsoft Word, except for the car drawing, which I made in GIMP.  I liked the personal touch of this assignment to show what Donnie was like behind closed doors, back when his family was whole. Sebastian Crane is another student’s fictitious noir character, who just so happens to be the editor of the local newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle.  Donnie submits the majority of his work to Sebastian.   In the bottom left-hand corner, I had a snarky dialogue between Donnie and spouse (unnamed so far) joking about making dinner and money.  The dialogue to the right of that Donnie implies he’s going out with his friend Johnny, from my short story “Six Slingers and a Singer”.

I really enjoyed this assignment, it was fairly straightforward and allowed for some behind-the-scenes, personal dialogue.

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  • Paul says:

    Incorporating other characters is a great idea. It really ties the class together

    • Spencer says:

      Thank you! I’ve felt the class seems really divided between active Twitter users and non-, so I was trying to pull some people together to show how we all have rather similar ideas, they’re just not very linked. Wanted to encourage some sort of inter-character dialogue, so group work could be a possibility in the future, if it opens up.

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