Rawlen’s Gotta Wake Up Just Like the Rest of Us

I saw the What’s Your Story Morning Glory in the assignment bank, and decided that it would add a bit of humanity to Donnie Rawlen’s persona.  He has to wake up every morning, just like everyone else, and I thought about my morning routine as inspiration, obviously. Here he is, waking up, grabbing a cup of joe, and starting off a piece of toast to break his fast.

I had him add a couple of ice cubes to his black coffee, his favorite drink as noted in his introduction. since he’s a writer and doesn’t have time to wait for his coffee to cool.

This is seemingly pointless to describe the process of my work, but I’ll do it anyways. I laid down in bed and covered myself in my comforter, then turned on my audio recorder to start.  Then I pulled off the covers and grabbed my glasses off of my bedside table. Then I walked to my kitchen, grabbed a mug out of the cupboard, and put it under my Keurig. I opened the lid of the machine, put a cup of morning brew in, and pressed the brew button.  While the coffee was being made, I walked across the room to my toaster, (which I had to plug in since there was something else taking up the outlet), took a slice of bread out of its bag, and started the toaster up. While that was starting, I walked back to my nearly-filled mug, picked it up, walked over to the freezer, and procured the finest of ice cubes to add to the steaming hot brew.  Then, I took a sip, which I used as the final sound, since it would signify that Donnie was no longer in that dreary “I want to go back to sleep” mode.

I put the too-long clip into Audacity and removed the sounds of button pressing, and uploaded it to SoundCloud.

This assignment was worth 2 stars.

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  • A true Foley artist in the making!

    I switched to an old fashioned perk-o-later – let me know if you need sounds. 😉

    • Spencer says:

      I’m really starting to like the Foley assignments! Thanks for the confidence!

      Yeah, I’m actually thinking of switching to an old fashioned coffee pot. Especially since I’ve heard about how much waste is involved with K-cups. I’ll let you know when I could use the sounds–Such a soothing sound in the morning 🙂

  • Wow! This sounds so realistic!

  • Phoenix says:

    Great sounds! Especially the coffee brewer. Also, I thought it was very cool to hear the coffee maker running while your character was getting some toast.

  • Kelsey Roach says:

    I like that you actually did all of the sounds yourself. It made it more authentic. I agree that it enhanced your character as a real person. The sound effects were so normal that it brought him to life.

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