Rawlen’s Long Exposure

This week, Donnie Rawlen’s character has been exposed for a bit longer than my typical approach of fleshing him out via shorter assignments.  I’d previously planned to use smaller assignments to create pixels, hoping to end the semester with a mosaic-like composite of his character. The collaborative requirement turned my mosaic into a Picasso. So, I went with it, just like Donnie would.

So, I started off the week with a daily create about my different sides, in which I filled a 3×3 grid with what I’d consider make up the core of my character.

Then, I realized I should work on some inspire posts, seeing as everyone feeds off of each other for pushing their work to the next level, especially in this course. So, I went back to a couple of blog posts I had bookmarked in previous weeks. I was completely blown away by brilliance of Stephanie Henderson’s dramatic reading of One Republic’s “I Lived” layered over the Kronos Quartet’s “Requiem for a Dream”. If you’ve seen Requiem for a Dream, I hope it has the same effect on you as it did on me.

My second inspire post of the week was about Savanna’s website layout. She definitely inspired me earlier in the course, back when I first discovered her blog, to alter my own blog’s look and feel.

My next focus was on the daily create for a ransom note about Jim Groom. Okay, that seriously creeped me out. I made it using a ransom note generator and riddle generator, as well as a portion of the Riddle of the Sphinx. I incorporated the latitude and longitude of the ITCC, and the answer resulted in a “one chance” to get Groom back at the ITCC at noon on Saturday. Unbeknownst to me, there was apparently some big presentation going on there at that exact time for which he was present. The following tweet really creeped me out, check the timestamp.

I didn’t know if both of them had seen my post or what was going on, but I’ll just mark it up to circumstance. That was really weird. I continue the following day in daily create mode, so I wrote a poem about how music affects me, or anyone for that matter. I’d listened to the Dun-noir-gens and Dragons radio show earlier in the week, but finally got around to giving Burtice the Dwarf the recognition she deserves on Saturday. That show was rough to follow, despite my cursory knowledge of D&D–I’m a gamer: card, board, tabletop, video, so I’ve picked up enough about it just in passing–, but the enthusiasm really made it a fun experience, and really transported me to Liarsburg’s tavern. After that, I made started my second (the first had already begun, more on that in a moment) collaborative assignment, choosing to “Cartoon You” Donnie and Emily Bostaph’s Cecilia Alva meeting at Alva’s extravagant residence. Speaking of their meeting, Emily and I spoke a bit earlier in the week and decided to collaborate on an assignment. So, I submitted my second required assignment, entitled “Sharing Credit“. So, we donned our characters’ personas and emails and began communicating about Cecilia’s late husband’s death; Donnie wanted to write an article about it, and Alva wanted to clear her name. We left off with an open-ended suggestion we would be meeting at her residence, so the pixel art I did ended up being relevant. We had a blast completing the assignment–we work well together. I hadn’t seen any invoice designs, but thought Brenda Levoy’s was worthy of an inspire because the mundanities of reality aren’t typically associated with the “design”, at least not to me. She tied her assignment into our Noir We There Yet? radio show group, to boot! At this point, I got a little bored and wanted to clear my head of all of the writing I’d been doing, so I turned Groom into an Ewok just for kicks.  That was actually the most difficult work I’ve done in GIMP thus far, but it wasn’t very trying, really. Although, the write up did lead me to question:

I had one more inspire post to submit, so I chose to point people to Lesya Melnychenko’s “The Dangers of Undiagnosed Schizophrenia”. She did a fantastic role playing job, as her history with makeup and wardrobe work shines through well.  She admitted she didn’t do the camera work, but that’s kind of implied considering she’s the focus, playing two characters at that.

Then, I realized I still need to do another assignment related to Donnie.  Earlier in the week, I planned to write an article for Sebastian Crane’s San Francisco Chronicle.

But I ended up flipping that around, and playing my lack of desire to write a bleak newspaper article to my advantage, opting to make a backhanded Haiku Recipe delivered to Sebastian Crane in lieu of my promised article. I decided my disinterest in writing for the newspaper could be utilized as an offensive resignation, demeaning Crane’s publication for its trite and verbose content all the while.

After that, I was done with character assignments–3 for Cartoon You, 4 for Sharing Credit, and 3 for Haiku Recipe.

I moved on to commenting on some of the better works I’d seen throughout the semester, spending a long time searching for posts to which I wanted to add my voice.

Thus closes the shutter on the week of Donnie’s long exposure.

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