Reading My Own Poetry

Though this daily create was simple, I appreciated it very much. Hesitation regarding reading my own poetry aloud is yet another self-imposed barrier that DS106 has now helped me break down.  Here I am reading my rainy day poem, “You Don’t Have to Go Away“:

You Don’t Have to Go Away

The process was simple enough. I went to my closet (my preferred recording area), opened my project from yesterday, pulled out my phone and opened the Voice Memo app. Then I read the poem aloud, synced my phone to my computer, and uploaded the audio file to the Soundcloud group tdc1168.

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  • delovelyames says:

    You have a very good poetry reading voice! Kind of reminded me of Shel Silverstein for some reason! I feel a quiet sound effect of pitter pattering rain in the background would have made me enjoy this even MORE!
    Don’t you just love/hate how DS106 makes ya feel so uncomforatble?!??! Hahaha. It’ll be so interesting to look back at the end of this semester and see just how far we’ve come … #4LIFE indeed!

    • Spencer says:

      Thank you, miss! His reading voice is actually what I had in my mind while I was making this, actually. 🙂
      About the rain in the background–My mind didn’t even wander into the sound effect dimension, but I’ll have to keep that in mind if another assignment like this comes along. #4life. Always.

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