Savanna’s Site Layout

Savanna’s site really inspired me to really delve into my own domain’s layout.  Specifically, I think she used a very good photograph as the header with a font overlay that makes me want to explore more of her blog. SavannaShe has a nice, mobile-friendly theme that helps her avoid the problem quite a few websites have–the auto-reformatting for mobile device viewing or lack of a mobile-specific website. It demonstrates the accessibility of her site with a more welcoming view than usual sidebar-moved-to-the-bottom and/or having to scroll up, down, left, and right just to read a post. Not only that, but her posts are displayed as short samples to allow for quick browsing.
Sav Quips
Her widgets are neatly aligned in a single column to serve as a footer for the website, so it wraps up the minimalist feel of the theme.

Bottom bar

She has plenty of great posts, but I really wanted to take the time to point out her overall layout. It’s very sleek.



  • I saw this blog too and I really liked it! I agree with you that it is really easy to navigate and so organized!

  • Savanna says:

    So honored 😀 Thanks for the shoutout!

  • Amy says:

    question… once you were inspired by Savanna’s layout, did you then go in and tweek your own? Because when i got to your page today, I noticed that yours was very pleasing to the eye, super organized, and easy to navigate through, so if so, it’s great to see that chain of inspiration continue! I learn so much from my Ds106ers and continue to geek out because of being so inspired .. keep up the awesome work!

    • Spencer says:

      To answer your question, yes. I found her blog really early in the semester and asked her a few questions about it, first. She really did inspire me delve in to blog customization.
      Thank you for your compliment, as well! Learning from each other is fun, since most of us haven’t done a lot of designing of any sort, so rather than get confused by forums dealing with specific technical issues, we can just ask each other about simpler concepts and grow together! #ds106 #4life

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