Second Week of the Radio Show

The second week of the radio show went pretty smoothly.  “Noir We There Yet?” is full of organized people, and our personalities and the roles of our characters played out extremely well.  Really, it was one of the best groups I’ve ever been in for a group project. We delegated tasks last week, so that definitely made things organized.  We all came together pretty well.

Group-wise, we were pretty much set because we basically did all of the portions separately that we wanted to use for the final project, which should be all finished up tomorrow. But, I feel confident enough in our mixers ability to edit everything together by the deadline with minimal, if any, further assistance is necessary.

We met up in the vocal booth in the Convergence Center to record on Saturday morning, which ended up being a hang out session. One of the group members even bought us all pizza!

So, being the SAP that I am, I had some.

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But we got down to business, setting up the final edits to the script, and putting them in a layout from which we could all easily read in the booth. We uploaded all except one of our talking segments to SoundCloud onto our mixer’s profile, so she could readily access them.  For one part we used a voice recorder to add a little bit of texture.  We all got our work done, but did have to wait until Saturday to record, unfortunately. The majority of the group’s members work full-time, so there was a bit of scheduling issues. It wasn’t a bad way to spend the first day of Spring Break.

Personally, I did a hefty amount of work this week, since I was in charge of writing the script. It was fun, don’t get me wrong–I quite enjoyed it.  But still, it was quite tedious, so I met up with another group member to discuss some of the details and get a second set of eyes on it before we all met up as a group on Saturday. I wanted as few as possible edits come recording time and didn’t want to let the group down. I ended up focusing so much on making sure the other members’ characters were included that I nearly forgot to plug mine in somehow.

All-in-all, it was a nice pace of work, and the reprieve from required assignments this week was a great load off of our backs, so we could focus on the project.

I’m really excited to hear the final result and will revise this post once the project is Khattam-Shud.

So, the “Noir We There Yet?” project is up! And I’m really happy with the results! Our mixer did an awesome job!

On the final Sunday, she and I had been chatting a bit, so she let me know our show was coming up a bit short time-wise. I’d been playing my guitar all day just practicing and relaxing, so I took that as a bit of a sign that I should incorporate it and help out the group.  I ended up creating 2 more commercials for the show.

Here’s the first one I made, for the fictitious “Farrah’s Flora”, some sort of florist:

I quickly made up a little riff, and wrote up a short script as the voice track, then put both into Audacity, and edited them a bit.  Basically, I split the guitar part into two tracks, and turned one down significantly so that the Farrah’s Flora ad could be heard, but left the “end caps” a bit louder, and added a fade out to the end.

The second one I made was for the lounge/bar/venue we incorporated into our plot. After the first one was done, I thought I was out of ideas for businesses to advertise for, but quickly remembered that the Bandbox was in our story line, so I realized it would fit right in.

I recorded a little riff I usually play as a sort of guitar solo portion for Cream’s “Sunshine of Your Love”. I know it’s not the actual guitar solo, but somehow it goes smoothly enough with the song when I’m messing around with my guitar, and it’s the first “solo”-ish piece I’ve ever recorded. So, I set that up in Audacity and looped it a few times. Then I just started talking into my voice recorder as a sort of free-write-esque endeavor. I wrote up a little portion into Notepad and tried to keep it short and sweet.

It was kind of a hectic situation, but our mixer and I had realized that we had the least spoken portions of the project, and didn’t want to sound the alarm to the group as a whole because the fifth member of our group seemed to be a bit out-of-the-game due to personal reasons. So, for that, group members, I do apologize–we weren’t trying to offend.

So, once again, and embedded this time, is our final “Noir We There Yet?” Radio Show!




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  • CWalk says:

    Great post man, and I would definitely agree that our group was awesome! I wish I could just copy and paste this post into my blog! Minus the script writing section of course. Thanks for all of your hard work, looking forward to seeing how our show turns out!

  • Brenda Levoy says:

    Great post. You did a great job with the script. I read it several times during the week and the progress was outstanding. Your attention to detail is amazing. This is a great group.

  • I love how in detail your summary is! Great job! I can’t wait to listen to your radio show when it airs on ds106 radio!

  • Well done Spencer. Your art is flowing. Your sharing of work and the personal side of what it has done for you inspires others to stretch as well. You have put yourself out there with confidence and pride as well as provided support to others. A real member of a creative culture in 7 weeks!

  • Kelsey Roach says:

    All of your extra additions to this post were on point. The lord of the rings one really made me laugh. Good job on making your posts interesting and humorous. I also really like your radio groups idea. I though the idea of actually making it a real radio show that people would listen to on their way to work was really authentic. Great job to you and your group!

  • Sharla says:

    I have to say I’ve loved the way you’ve mapped out the progress from beginning to finish. Bravo on a job well done.

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