Take That Trilby Off, Buy A Fedora From DeMarco’s

For my second assignment of the week, I became a hipster. Seriously. I made a commercial about buying a new fedora. There’s probably more hipster-y things than this happening all the time, but, of course, I’ve never even heard of them.

I stared off the assignment with no idea what I would base my commercial on, but my group needed another commercial for our radio show, so I needed to get it done. Luckily, Miss Parker had her own plan. She was using an item that her character could use. So, I went back to my bag assignment and tried to find something that Donnie would need to replace sooner or later. That wasn’t very helpful, since I’d included more memorabilia than actual products–and I wasn’t about to make a commercial for a pen or journal, that would have been dryer than an Egyptian scroll. Then, I remembered I had noted in my character dossier that Donnie wore a bowler cap (I dig Charlie Chaplin), so I decided that somehow a hat commercial would be a bit better than a pen advert.

Then, I did a search for noir hats, and that yielded quite a useful Kotaku article about L.A. Noire’s hats, wherein a distinction between fedoras and trilby hats was made.  I used that to start off my commercial.

Then, I did a bit of research to find some slang from hard-boiled literature, since ads can have such a long lifespan, and determined some slang would carry over. From it, I garnered terms such as “don’t be a bunny”(don’t be an idiot), jawing (talking), bangtails (racehorses), ankling (walking), and “drift with the tide” (go with the crowd).

I wrote up my script, and recorded it once to get an idea of its length, and realized I needed to add more to get a commercial longer than 60 seconds.  So, I added a few more lines, and realized I needed to slow down my delivery.

I recorded the new script, put it into Audacity, and listened to it. It sounded so…eerie without background music.

I grabbed my acoustic guitar from my closet and started strumming until I came up with an extremely simple tune to use, then put that clip into Audacity and edited it into a basic loop repeating throughout.  The result was this:

I was going to try to do an accent for my voice, but decided against it, thinking I’d probably forget the correct articulation of certain words.

This assignment was worth 3 stars, which I would consider in respect to my character, considering his bowler is rather outdated and is aimed at him.

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  • Amanda says:

    I love how you went above and beyond to find some lingo to make it more authentic! Also, creating your own background noise is very original. All in all, I thought this was really awesome, great idea! 🙂

    • Spencer says:

      Thanks! I kind of used the lingo search to build my idea a bit better, and would definitely recommend it to anyone needing some inspiration.

  • 3lilangls says:

    This is a great commercial! You did some excellent work here with all the details in this! You must have some good background experience in this.

  • Leanna Epps says:

    honestly so jealous of your musically ability. it really adds to the assignment and makes it more personal

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