This Creeped Me Out While Making It

Come and Get Him

This was my second daily create of the week, the ransom note.
“If Groom were kidnapped, what would the ransom note say?”

I think Groom would Ransom of Red Chief whoever tried to kidnap him, so I wrote it as a “take him back” sort of ransom riddle note.

For the riddles, I found a riddle generator, then put them, along with a few bits written as the kidnapper, into a ransom note generator (seriously, why is this a thing? that concerns me). Then I stepped over the creepy line and added some numbers that may or may not be important to “rescuing” him.

I realized while I was making this that I was logged in with my Donnie Rawlen Gmail account, and logged out as soon as I went to grab the numbers, so I think Donnie’s on a list somewhere now. Oh well, looks like he’s my personal fall guy.

Instead of officially creating the note, I just took a screenshot of it, to go with the “leave no trace” (aside: you always leave a trace on the open internet) theme I felt I was getting into.

Feel free to guess the answers to the riddles and figure out where and when Groom can be saved!

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