To Ruin TRON

To RuinGoing on with the Jeff Bridges theme for the week, I decided to revisit TRON Legacy. That was a mistake. I thought maybe I’d been too hasty to judge the film my first showing, but no. It was bad.

TRON. It brings back memories of Jeff Bridges in his early years and Dan Shor before he became a time-traveling guru. It was one of the many 1980s films that included ridiculous computer hacking and video games. Those hockey helmets, laser discs, and neon polygons were so iconic.  So iconic that Disney had to revisit the world.

I was thrilled! A TRON movie with the potential to have some decent special effects! Well, the effects reigned while the plot, albeit more rebellious and action-packed, was a severe let-down.  Disney had to go and ruin TRON for this generation.

As a result, I chose the If Movie Posters Told the Truth assignment to finish off my non-Donnie design points for the week.

I started with a simple image search, as per usual, and found a few TRON: Legacy images I actually liked, but stuck with this one because the header didn’t look like it would be very hard to erase.  Then I went to the trusty fontspace.com to find some nice TRON and Disney fonts. Since I’d already completed my Motivational Poster for Donnie, I knew my way around text manipulation pretty well, so it ended up being rather easy to assemble.  The font sizes were tricky, though. I tried to make them as near to the original sizes, but the text boxes in GIMP have a bit of an overhead clearance issue, so I had to make due with font sizes a little smaller than the original’s.

I left the date intact, as a memorial to the date TRON lost its magic.  I actually made a version using some of the shattered glass pictured and layered over the date, but didn’t really like that, so I reverted to this one.  I’d said all I wanted to say with the header, so I thought it would just be too forced if I tried to edit the footer with something dumb.

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