When To Begin

Where, oh where, to begin. Perhaps “when to begin” would be a better phrase to use here. My family is still on my mind, so I created an announcement regarding train safety.

They were still on my mind when I made breakfast burittos. I cooked too much, and set their places before realizing what I’d done.

After that, I felt like I needed to see a Doc. I was speechless¬†when he told me he didn’t practice medicine. So, he sent me to the future, thinking maybe a change of scenery would do me some good.

I popped in and played the role of some Jack Spencer for a TV show when I arrived.

Then, of course, I was stopped and questioned. The interrogators¬†acted like it was some sort of interview. I told em what they wanted to know, thinking they wouldn’t come back around, so I could lay low for a while a clear my head of my troubles.

I thought I’d look at some interesting work, letting the artists know their effort was appreciated.

Then I decided to take on a few craft projects, myself. They say creating is good for mental health. So I drew Batman.


At the moment, it seems best for me to talk about everything that comes to mind. So I started writing about my little figure. I didn’t make it very far when I got distracted.

They wanted my fingerprints. I smudged it considerably, and hid mine.

Fingerprint Art

Hiding wasn’t the best idea. Keeping secrets isn’t healthy. So I told them where it was.

I needed a breath of fresh air after that. I spotted a tree, and fell into a daze beneath it. It looked like a kaleidoscope when I awoke.

Tree Art

I thought that delusion was odd, so I made sure to note it.

I’m still a bit dreary, and don’t know what I’ll be doing for the next few weeks, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to work with anyone competently. I may have to start my own agency to poke around, see what happens when the dust settles a bit. There’s some sort of case to be solved, so I might be of use, once I get my senses back. I barely understand this modern technology and should work on acquainting myself with it, but I don’t have much to go off of anymore. Until I do, I’ll just keep creating and hope it soothes my aching mind.


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