Whistling is for Dixies

Alright, I crashed and burned on my multiple attempts to do the 800% Slow Down assignment, so I looked quickly for a new assignment, and found the Favorite Song assignment, which was meant as more of a “remove the lyrics” assignment. I had a bit of a moral dilemma; my favorite song doesn’t have lyrics. So, I asked Twitter what I should do.  The lovely Miss Onarheim gave me some nice advice on what to do: if it was really stuck in my head on a Sunday night, I should just use it anyways.  The advice was very good, but her specific wording “stuck in your head” reminded me of the “Can’t Get It Out of My Head” assignmentMagnifique!  My dilemma was gone. I’d whistle it instead!

Whistling is for Dixies

If you can guess what song this is, we should be friends already. I recorded this using a little Sony handheld voice recorder in my closet–my battlestation was nowhere near quiet enough to record anything, and my laptop sits on a fan deck, so my whistling may not have been captured. I had a hard time keeping my whistling going. I needed a drink afterward because my lips felt like the Mojave in summer.

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