You Don’t Have to Go Away

Dear rainy days,
You don’t have to go away.

For my first of two daily creates this week, I chose the “Rainy Day 1“.  The requirements were simple enough: “Write a poem about a rainy day. What makes you love or hate rain?”.

Considering it was raining. and I was taking a break from building some little set pieces for a stop motion LEGO video I’m planning to shoot tonight, I took the opportunity to capitalize on my activity, though I would have been building set pieces regardless of the weather.

I didn’t want to write plain text, so I quickly found a picture from a picture from Singin’ in the Rain of Gene Kelly “Singin’ in the Rain”. I’m usually singing that or Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head by B.J. Thomas to myself or my wife whenever it rains, so I already had a little bit of inspiration.

I opened a new GIMP project with typical 600×400 dimensions and started writing a simple poem, transcribed below:

You Don’t Need to Go Away

It may be raining,
So I may be snoring.
I’ve got my hat on,
So I don’t notice it pouring.

Wears no hat.
So I shan’t make a mess.
I know, I digress.

It’s the first day of spring,
The rain is no surprise.
Though it kept me from seeing
A beautiful sunrise.

I wish for the sun,
But the rain won’t keep me from fun.

Pulling my LEGOs from their place,
They’re taking up a lot of space

Ships, I will build.
The rain spurs my creation.

So, it didn’t take long to write that, if it isn’t obvious. I then opened the picture of Gene Kelly as a separate layer. It was far too large for my small dimensions, so I had to shrink the layer down to size. Then, I decided to greyscale the image as a whole, to give it a little more noir flavor.  I still had issue with the lamppost on the left hand side, so I mirrored the image.

At that point, my text was still black, so I switched it to white, losing my name to the sidewalk’s brightness. I didn’t really care about my name blending in like that, since it’s really not important. So, I left it like that. I hope you like it! It was fun making it.

Now…back to my LEGOs.

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