You’re Not Going to Say Anything?

Upon seeing the Daily Create for Thursday, this was me:


I made this last week on the

  ********                                    *******                     
 **//////                                    /**////**             **   **
/**        *******   ******  ***     **      /**    /**  ******   //** ** 
/*********//**///** **////**//**  * /**      /**    /** //////**   //***  
////////** /**  /**/**   /** /** ***/**      /**    /**  *******    /**   
       /** /**  /**/**   /** /****/****      /**    **  **////**    **    
 ********  ***  /**//******  ***/ ///**      /*******  //********  **     
////////  ///   //  //////  ///    ///       ///////    ////////  //


LEGO Spaceship


But, I’d already created that, and I wanted to stick with the Daily Create’s motif of creating daily. So, I rifled through my desk drawer, and found my old sketchpad. Then I pulled out my nifty little sketching pencil. I took a stab at drawing for this create. I used to be really into drawing until I hit high school and started focusing more on orchestra and lacrosse (I know, kind of a weird combination), and hadn’t really attempted to draw anything significant since then–just doodling terribly. So, I took a hack at drawing a spaceship for once.

DS106 Light Scout Craft

I’ve been watching quite a bit of Star Wars recently–the movies and the different television series (Rebels and Clone Wars)–so I’ve kind of been in tune with typical space ship design.  I really didn’t want to make an X-Wing, the Millennium Falcon, or a TIE Fighter, so I tried to reduce their impacts on my design.  I’ll admit, though, once I added a few flat edges, I kind of copped out and pulled in a bit of Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter inspiration for my the suspended wings on the left side and the top capsules, but felt like they added a bit of oomph.

I posted my drawing to Twitter, and Todd Conaway worked his magic and edited it into a Mars landscape.

So, I’m glad I put my work out there. I feel kind of honored for having something I created be considered worthwhile enough to spend time working with.

I loved this Daily Create. It was awesome.


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